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Guess who's back? Back again! Scurvy's back...and not just for sailors!

Ahoy, me hearties! Just when you thought it was safe to go out on the seas again...a disease that was prominent in the 1800's is making surprising comeback! Scurvy or "Plague of the Sea" as it was commonly known, was prevalent among sailors who spent long periods out at sea with no access to fresh produce. It is defined as a severe deficiency of Vitamin C. Symptoms include fatigue, exhaustion, fever, muscular pain, skin rashes, bleeding gums and loss of teeth among other equally icky ailments. Last month a single doctor at the Royal Adelaide Hospital reported to treating 4 patients with scurvy, including a pregnant woman, supporting the reports that scurvy is most definitely back...shiver me timbers! Ok, I'll stop now! ☠️😜

Vitamin C is one of the most abundant, accessible antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables. Simply eating an orange will take care of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C and they're not even the most nutrient dense fruit! If you're eating mango, rockmelon, spinach, capsicum, broccoli, any of the citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi fruit (actually I don't know of a single fruit or vegetable that doesn't contain Vitamin C) Scurvy doesn't stand a chance! It's important to note Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. This means you can't overdose on it. Your body excretes any unused, leftover Vitamin C in your urine (as opposed to fat soluble vitamins which can be stored in your body). This also means you need to consume lots of fruits and veggies EVERYDAY. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient meaning your body can not synthesis it endogenously (internally), rather it must be sourced exogenously through diet and/or supplementation (who didn't love those chewable tangy vitamin C tablets your Mum gave you when you had a cold). Aside from keeping you scurvy free Vitamin C is used in the production of neurotransmitter and the repair of tissue (and 100's of other bodily functions). As well as being a powerful anti-aging antioxidant...hello glowing skin!

Sounds pretty simple, right? If skin rashes and bleeding gums aren't your thing; eat pretty much any plant based food, literally ANY fruit or vegetable and you're good! Here's the problem; In Australia's Health 2018; a biennial report on the health of Australians, it is reported that only 50% of adults consume the recommended serves of fruit per day and only a shocking 7% of adults (and a heartbreaking 5% of children) are reaching the recommended serve of vegetables. We have replaced real whole foods with food like substances. Packaged, processed, calorie dense, nutrient void, franken-food! You'll even find some of these "foods" are enriched with added vitamins, however more often than not manufactures use a cheap, non absorbable form. The end result: We are a first world country and at least 50% of us are malnourished. We are overweight and undernourished! (And yes Alanis Morissette, that is ironic)!

If you have any questions on whether or not you're getting enough Vitamin C or how you can incorporate more into your diet hit me up on Instagram or email support@kellyboyland.com

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