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Are you suffering from Wellness Fatigue?

First of all, I don't even know if that's a thing; Wellness Fatigue. But when I took a step back to reflect on how I'm feeling, fatigued felt just about right. The health and wellness industry is BOOMING at the moment. In October 2018 it was reported the total global health expenditures were US$7.3 trillion with Wellness accounting for US$4.2 trillion of that! The "Wellness Industry" is an umbrella term for services including Healthy Eating, Nutrition, Weight loss, Wellness Tourism, Fitness & Mind-Body, Personal Care, Beauty and Anti-Aging among others. This is my industry and boy is it getting crowded! With such huge money at stake Health and Wellness has become big business. Industries (even governments) funding biased research studies to protect their investments. Millionaires coming out with bio-hacking, anti ageing, weight loss books and podcasts (yeah I'm not trying to live to 180 with $100k stem cell transplants, I just want to fit into my pants), guru's spruiking new fad diets or really old ones (Paleo 🙄), shock and aw documentaries, and more weight loss, high fat, low carb, protein, keto, collagen, low fat, mushroom, anti wrinkle, anti aging, anti-inflammatory products than you can poke a selfie stick at while you record your meal diary for your Insta story because you're a health influencer and flat tummy tea is life 🤦‍♀️

It seems crazy to me that while the 'Wellness" industry is booming, as a population we are sicker and fatter than ever!!

Now I'm not going to lie, I'm obsessed with this industry (and I've probably tried every product listed above, besides the tea; I'm team coffee)! Helping people live their healthiest life is my purpose. I read as many studies as possible trying to keep up with the latest research. I'm constantly on information overload, wading through the millions of articles, new diets, new research, new products, new books to decipher as much relevant information as I can, so my business is always up to date and I'm providing my clients with the best possible advice. But even I'm exhausted and confused by the constant stream of conflicting advice and information that bombards us on a daily basis and this is my niche! I can't imagine how the everyday consumer feels. I get messages daily asking me what my take is on the latest research; "tomatoes cause inflammation" "meat is carcinogenic" "plant lectins destroy our microbiome" "dairy contains hormones" "fruit contains fructose...which makes you fat & gives you diabetes" "gluten causes Autism" "carbs make you fat" "fat makes you skinny" "coffee is the devil" (I whole heartedly dispute that last claim!) and "eating an egg is as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes" What now?? There is a lot of conflicting information out there (particularly around coffee, it's awesome, move on). It's almost impossible to research the effects of a single food or particular nutrient on the human body. We can't lock away 500 people so they're all in the same environment and feed them only bacon for 5 years to see if it indeed does cause cancer! And even if we could, there's too many variables; gender, age, genetics, preexisting conditions, bio-individuality; there's always room for questioning a new research study.

I don't know all the answers. But here's what I do know; there is no silver bullet! No one quick fix. No product or diet shake that will make you lose weight and keep it off. No single way of eating that transforms the health of every human being. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy supplements. My advice, if you too are suffering from Wellness Fatigue is simple; Put down the celery juice and step away from social media. Just Eat. Real. Food. If it grew on the ground or in it...eat it. If it was made in a factory...limit it. Count nutrients instead of calories. Eat naturally brightly coloured food not food that comes out of a brightly coloured packet. Keep farmers in a job instead of marketing execs. And listen to your body. If you don't feel great after eating a particular food group, limit or avoid it for a while. You don't need to call it a specific diet (vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free, pescatarian, paleo, vegan, etc). There are no rules you need to follow perfectly. Just nourish your body with whole foods that make you feel good!

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