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Hi There!

I'm Kelly Boyland

 And this is My Food Revolution!


A little about me...

Everything you need to know listed in order of importance.

I love coffee. LOVE IT. Always have, always will. I'm married to my best friend (sometimes mortal enemy), have a 12 year old son who has some atypical super powers (mostly smell and saying inappropriate things at inappropriate times). I have 2 dogs I adore. I love my Mum and talk to her everyday. I'm a coeliac, so expect to see lots of gluten free recipes and I'm a certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. 

For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with food, nutrition, exercise and the human body. And while that sounds insta-amazing, it hasn't all been food pics and booty shots. I'm well versed in eating disorders; suffering from anorexia in high school, calorie restriction, excessive exercise and more recently orthorexia. It's been a trip but through my journey I've learned a LOT.

So grab a coffee, here's everything I've learned so far...


In my mind, all foods are friends - but like friends, there are some that you want to spend more time with than others.

Renee Mcgregor
Sports & Eating Disorder Dietitian


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